Alan A'Court
Alan A'Court is the chairman and director of FUNDIT, the first online mortgage auction website in NZ.

FUNDIT is founded and managed by a group of prominent and well respected NZ businessmen from financial, educational and business sectors, including Alan A'Court, Eion Edgar, John Gilks and Peter McDermott.

The main reason behind FUNDIT was to "provide a transparent and convenient way of obtaining loans that puts the borrowers in control." says Alan.

"Getting a loan such as a mortgage is an important decision to make, and often one that affects you for a long period of time. We look at what are the overall decision criteria for borrowers, and provide a set of unique and useful tools for our users"

"Budgeting is a must-have for any borrowings. You need to find out how much you can afford to borrow; and set up a plan to save up for the deposit if you don't have it and manage your money to make sure repayments are met on time."

"In an attempt to provide our users with useful tools, we secretly trialled Who Stole My Money's budgeting tool, and were convinced that it is the best tool for this job. "

"With Who Stole My Money, you can simply register, get started and receive precise and useful information about your money in just minutes. Their budgeting tool is one of the best online applications I've seen; and that is why Fundit has partnered with Who Stole My Money and we highly recommend their program to anyone who's thinking about getting or already have a mortgage."
"I can very quickly use the program to track where all the money was going and chop down expenditure in any category. ... it lets me clearly see what is possible and what is not."
Rossane Dutta, Eat Right Be Bright
"(it) strikes me with how simple it is to use... I understood the concept and the workflow immediately .... (I) could see myself getting started with it right away."
David Kelly,
"Who Stole My Money is easy to use and yet so practical and thorough. For a lot of people it completely removes many of the barriers to sensible budgeting."
Bruce Edmonds, Fortifi Ltd.